Flowers Run Slideshow

Not just things of beauty, flowers, in this issue, are revealed in all their diverse glory, from the stinking carrion flower to the fly-eating birthwort. Kids first follow a flower through its entire life cycle, from seed to bloom and back again. They’ll then get an overview of the parts that make some flowers male, some female, and some a little of both. Curious about why some flowers are flamboyantly colored, while others are simple and plain? Get the fun facts here, along with a look at the many ways that flowers trap, trick, and bribe birds and insects into pollinating them.

Also covered is the process of making perfume out of flowers; for kids wondering how flowers’ alluring scents are turned into pricey fragrances, a look at why professional “noses” are all-important in this industry will leave them amazed. Next, they’ll get an overview of how our noses process flowers’ unique aromas, and find plenty of coverage on the medicinal uses of flowers – for kids wondering just what flowers are good for besides sitting in a vase. They’ll also find simple recipes for rose candy and red clover tea, and finally, get a thorough look at the role flowers have played across cultures and down through time.

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