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In the near future, humans will routinely travel to the Moon and beyond; in Moon Exploration, kids will explore the amazing discoveries that past voyages to the Moon have revealed, and get a taste of what’s to come. For centuries, the moon has inspired artists and scientists – even before the first Moon landing in July, 1969; read about the films, novels, and scientific discoveries that fueled the imaginations of space science pioneers like Dr. Robert Goddard in the 1920s, then travel alongside the Apollo missions of the ’60s and ’70s, which made Moon walks a reality. Next, get an update on further moon exploration; for kids who want to know when we will next step foot there, an in-depth look at NASA’s Project Constellation will be a riveting read.

But matters of the Moon are not all fine and dandy: Take a look at the dangers astronauts will face on future trips, including deadly radiation levels, weak gravity that softens bones, searing heat, and frigid cold. Learn what it will take to establish a permanent colony on the Moon, from the detailed technical requirements to everyday concerns like drinkable water and breathable air. Another thing to look forward to: telescopes on the Moon. With the establishment of permanent bases, telescopes can be built that will give us an unprecedented view of the heavens. Moon exploration for kids has never been more exciting!

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