Earth Run Slideshow

How did life evolve on Earth? Why did the dinosaurs die out? These and other basic questions about our planet are answered in Earth. Kids interested in the Earth will love this colorful issue, which investigates the composition of our planet and the intricate relationship between living things and their environment. The Earth, for kids, is also brought to life with fun diagrams and projects like erosion tests.

Then it’s time to dig deeper: Between the time life first appeared on earth over 3.5 billion years ago, and the emergence of modern humans 200,000 years ago, a lot has happened! Five mass extinctions, shifting tectonic plates, and giant meteors crashing into the Earth are just a few of the “earth shattering” events in our planet’s history. Find out what makes our planet tick, and explore the layers of the atmosphere, as well as the water cycle that keeps us alive. Get a perspective on our place in the Universe with an overview of the solar system, and learn how time is measured and why seasons change. These facts about Earth, for kids, have never been timelier: Get the scoop on what goes into an ecological footprint, and discover why Americans leave bigger footprints than anyone else – and why that’s not a good thing.

  • I love the Kids Discover magazines. I've gotten them from the very beginning and always have ways to use them in my classroom.

    Marcella E.

  • Our WHOLE family enjoys these magazines -- we keep all of them, they make excellent reference guides for school projects/papers!

    Tanya F.

  • This is such a fantastic magazine!! My son loves it and I recommend it to everyone with kids!!

    Robin C.

  • Kids Discover is such a wonderful resource for my classroom. My students enjoy reading about all the interesting topics.

    James P.

  • My 11 year-old stops what she is doing to read these when she gets them in the mail. I find them very educational myself and I enjoy reading them as well.

    Suzanne M.

  • I ordered 20 copies of the Bones issue for my husband to put in his patient rooms. He has had very positive feedback from his patients about them.

    Martha S.

  • My kids are all older now (2 high school, 1 college) and Kids Discover is STILL our most waited for, most read, most loved magazine we get. THANKS!!!

    Robert S.

  • My daughter has been reading your magazines for over five years, she devours the issues when they arrive!!

    Susan G.

  • Thank you for keeping discovering so interesting for children of all ages.

    Jennie R.

  • My daughter just got her first issue of this magazine, and we're loving it - Thank you so much!

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