George Washington

George Washington Run Slideshow

A humble, modest, and kind man, George Washington probably didn’t strike many as a great military hero, but his successes on the battlefield were just as pivotal to the birth of our nation as the years he served as our first president. A leader of many talents, George Washington, for kids, is shown here to be a man who had a strong sense of right and wrong and an even stronger sense of duty. They’ll read about how his courage and firmness in battle during the French and Indian War cemented his reputation and made him a natural pick to be Commander-in-Chief of the newly formed Continental Army when the American Revolution began.

Able as always, and with a knack for planning bold attacks, Washington, for kids, is shown to be persistent and fearless; his troops fought for eight long years before finally getting British General Charles Cornwallis to surrender at Yorktown in 1781. After that, kids will read, Washington returned home expecting to resume life as a farmer, but in 1789, after being informed that he had been elected the country’s first president, he reluctantly left Mt. Vernon to assume the role. His first major task as president? Figuring out just what his job was. He did this with aplomb, stamping out rebellion along the way and staffing his cabinet with talented men – many of whom went on to become key figures themselves in our country’s early history.

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