Hurricanes Run Slideshow

“Talking about the weather” takes on a whole new meaning in Hurricanes. For kids fascinated by these turbulent, terrifying storms that can leave total destruction in their wake, all the latest data is here: from what causes them and how they differ from cyclones and typhoons, to how all three can cause deadly storm surges and tornadoes. They can also investigate the many instruments that scientists use to track them, including barometers, anemometers, hygrometers, and more.

Kids who are serious hurricane buffs can then see what it’s like to be a hurricane hunter – a daring pilot who flies right into the eye of a storm, sometimes several times, to measure the force of the hurricane and send the information back to weather centers. Next, they can follow Hurricane Hugo’s tumultuous journey, from the day it took shape off the coast of Africa in 1989, through the lethal swathe it cut through Puerto Rico and the U.S., to its demise two weeks later in the North Atlantic. And don’t forget to visit the Hurricane Hall of Fame, where you’ll also learn about the naming system for hurricanes. For kids who want to be ready for anything, there are also tips on hurricane preparedness.

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